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Kingwood Area Alumnae Panhellenic Association

// EST. 1975
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Are you a future sorority woman?
Here are six ways you can benefit from joining a sorority:


Family Away from Home


Joining a sorority is a great way to instantly feel at home at your new university. Sisters can show you all the great places on campus to study, good places to eat near campus, and fun things to do on the weekends.


More Opportunities


As a sorority member you will be challenged to learn and do more for your campus community! Members of Greeklife will be seen participating in everything from student government, athletics, campus rec instructors, and so much more.




Being a member of a sorority provides you access to unique opportunities on campus. The ability to network is one skill that will benefit you in college as well as professionally. 


Greater Focus


Sorority members statistically have GPAs that are higher than that of other women on their college campuses. This can be attributed to having structured expectations as well as a support system to help each woman accomplish their goals.


Higher Grades


Sorority girls are required to maintain a certain GPA in order to participate in special events. While this GPA varies for different chapters, all sororities place an emphasis on academics. Many chapters have organized study hours.


Community Service


All sororities have community service built into their foundation. While each sororities philanthropy may be different the women organize several events a year to help promote their cause and create awareness.

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