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Here are a few of our favorite resources for potential new members and their families that you can find on the National Panhellenic Conference website.

Let us put the rumors to rest...

We know first hand that fraternity and sorority members know how to plan a great party but the majority of their time is spent running a small empire. Fraternities and sororities function like small businesses with a focus on scholarship, athletics, community service and of course social aspects of life. There are business meetings where planning takes place to prepare for the semester and executive meetings where responsibilities are assigned to officers. Click here to check out "Sorority Life" for a great account of what it really means to be a member of a sorority.

My daughter is considering a sorority...

When your child gets accepted into a college your mind is flooded with all sorts of topics like student housing, tuition, books, and distance. The idea of sorority life can be overwhelming to parents as well as young women. One way to think about a sorority is to think of them as a combination of a lot of things that your daughter may already be involved in.


Greek Life at many college campuses includes intramural sports for athletic women, officers positions for those looking for leadership experience, volunteer opportunities for community service, lip sync contests for singers, skit competitions for leading ladies, and so much more. Sororities area great way for your daughter to get involved on campus and graduate with a well-rounded resume. To get some great pointers click here to visit "Sorority Parents". 

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